Consumer Services

Whether you need to file a warranty claim, find a certified CFS specialist or simply need tips on how to better care for your furniture, ServeCo North America has you covered!

File a claim

Manufacturer or Extended Warranty

Please have the following information ready in order to expedite the filing process - a copy of your sales receipt, warranty and furniture model information. Along with photos of the damage or concern with your furniture.

File a claim

Find a Fabricare Specialist

Certified Fabricare Specialists

Certified Fabricare Specialists (CFS) is a network of professional cleaners that have the ability to clean any fabric based window covering right where it hangs.Whether you have traditional draperies and top treatments or are more progressive with the newer styles of window shadings such as those from Hunter Douglas and others, your local CFS member can clean it.

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Furniture Care Tips

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Client Services


Inefficient Servicing distracts from selling furniture, driving costs to your company. Choosing FlexServe to care for your customers after the transaction provides you with  peace-of-mind and allows your team to focus on driving profit through a top notch in-store experience.

FlexServe allows retailers to offboard a portion or the entire customer service experience. Choose any or all of our services...

  • North American Call Centers
  • International Technician Dispatch
  • Part Ordering & Management
  • Service Software

Extended Service Contracts

ServeCo built its Extended Service Program to provide peace-of-mind protection at various price points. Our Good-Better-Best strategy allows customers to choose levels of protection for each purchase, and provides a point of differentiation you can merchandise at your store.


20 – 35% Revenue Increase First 60 Days!*

*Based on past retailer revenue reporting. ServeCo does not guarantee these results.

Captive Insurance Programs

What Makes a Captive from ServeCo Different?

ServeCo focuses on financial planning for your entire liability profile. An exclusive partnership with GPW and Associates provides you direct access to the United States’ premier single house actuarial, accounting, and captive management firm. Because of the depth of our expertise, you can take advantage of items #2 & #3 when most Captive marketers are only focused on #1. The result is a difference in millions of dollars of opportunity.

Product Loyalty Programs

Create Customer Loyalty In An Increasingly Complex Category

Today’s furniture shoppers are savvier than ever before when making large purchases. They understand that they have many new options for furniture and can have new furniture delivered to their home without ever leaving it. As a result brick-and-mortar retailers experience the following:

  • Less Store Traffic
  • Less Visit Frequency
  • Lower Retailer/Brand Loyalty

Sleep Life™ Products

Introduce Your Customers To A Better Life, Not Just A Better Product.

Sleep Life™ is an authentic, aspirational and lifestyle brand that embraces those who value sleep as the essential element for the quality of their attitude, success and happiness in life. ServeCo International™ has utilized its global resources to acquire the materials and design products to support your customer's desire for a better life that originates with their Sleep Life™.

The Materials Available For Your Sleep Life™ Include:

  • Silver Anti-Microbial Technology
  • 100% Cotton Naturally Processed to Maximize Cooling
  • Sustainable Tencel™ Fibers
  • Circular Knit Structures to Pull Heat & Moisture Away from Your Body
  • Form Fitting Materials that Combine the Molding of Memory Foam and the Loftiness of Fiber
  • Chemical Free Cooling Fibers

ServeCare™ - Sanitizing Solutions Products Catalog

ServeCo International, a 33-year provider of home and furniture cleaning and maintenance products, is proud to launch ServeCare. ServeCare is a line of products to sanitize skin, furniture and complete environments. At the center of our philosophy is a desire to produce alcohol-free products that: damage skin and surfaces, are flammable, are becoming more scarce and expensive, only have limited performance period and produce a low yield when calculated on a per application ratio.

Disinfect & Protect Your Surroundings with ServeCare™

ServeCare™ Introduces A Durable Application Where You Can Save Time, Money, and Headaches of Continuously Retreating Your Surroundings.

EPA Certified

ServeCare™ will apply an EPA Registered Disinfectant and an EPA Registered Solution to protect the surface of floors, walls, textiles and plastics for 90 days thereafter!


OnSite Fabricare provides an educational course and professional development instruction to get you started and you will receive leads directly from OnSite, Hunter Douglas, and other fabrication and design companies. When you join our program, you will have access to a dedicated Fabricare specialist as well as a network of cleaning professionals to answer any of your ongoing cleaning questions.

OnSite Metalcare uses innovative technology to apply a permanent layer of protection between appliances and the family's fingertips. OnSite Metalcare is now offering you the opportunity to apply this application to consumer’s appliances and commercial applications that will diminish fingerprints and make it easy to maintain. The hard acrylic polymer protector will create a smooth barrier that reduces and eliminates fingerprints, smudging, soil accumulation and makes it a snap to clean.