In today’s hyper-competitive market, the ability to create a top-notch customer service experience can be the difference between a one-time or lifetime customer. However most customer service programs provide experiences that are frustrating, inefficient, and produce poor results at large costs to the retailer.

That's Where ServeCo Comes In

Our team has a heritage of 34 years engrossed in the entire furniture industry. From product development to furniture care and repair years after the sale, we understand the intricacies unique to the lifecycle of furniture.

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FlexServe™ allows retailers to offboard a portion or the entire customer service experience.

Choose any or all of our services.

  • 4 North American call centers
  • International technician dispatch
  • Part ordering & management
  • Review of vendor chargebacks
  • Service software


Customer Care Quality

  • Customer Service Representatives that are continually trained and have a strong knowledge of furniture
  • Best-in-class technicians are available to create a consistent and positive in-home experience for all customers
  • Knowledge of every aspect of the home furnishing industry with a focus on repair, not replacements
  • Global reach to diagnose and solve challenges
  • Focus on first time completion success

Reduce Retailer Costs

  • FlexServe™ eliminates extra expenses
  • Staffing & vehicle expenses
  • Recruitment & training expenses
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Opportunity cost of missed sales
  • Recoup all owed funds

Innovative ServeCo Software™

  • Dedicated claim management system
  • Technician routing system
  • Technician app
  • Real-Time reporting & tracking
  • Photo uploads
  • Part order management system
  • Vendor chargeback management system
  • Data management
  • Key performance indicators
  • Desired metrics

Customization & Support

  • ServeCo Software™ is customized to meet retailer modifications
  • ServeCo manages software implementation
  • On-site training session
  • Ongoing technical support

Selling furniture brings income to your company

Inefficient servicing distracts from selling furniture, driving costs to your company.

Choosing FlexServe™

To care for your customers after the transaction provides you with peace-of-mind and allows your team to focus on driving profit through a top notch in-store experience.

"Strong partnership between Jennifer Furniture and ServeCo is helping us provide our customers with exemplary service."
- John Garg, President of Jennifer Furniture

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