Today’s furniture shoppers are savvier than ever before when making large purchases. They understand that they have many new options for furniture and can have new furniture delivered to their home without ever leaving it.

As a result brick-and-mortar retailers experience the following:

three points 'store traffic, less visit frequency, and lower retailer/brand loyalty'

Retailers need a total customer experience to

1. Create Customer Loyalty

2. Educate consumers on new, everyday reasons to visit furniture stores.

ServeCo™ provides retailers with a product lineup solution geared towards these objectives.

How ServeCo™ Furniture Care Works:

steps circled with text, step 1 enroll in customer loyalty program with initial package of materials. step 2 consumer uses product materials. step 3 consumer visits retailer to replace product as many times as needed. step 4 consumer sees value and becomes loyal customer.

Branded ServeCo™ Product Loyalty

ServeCo™ has a variety of furniture care products for you to choose from:

Fabric  ·  Leather  ·  Wood  ·  Glass  · Linen

serveco platinum kit and serveco sleep kit

  • Create New Revenue Stream: Great Products Keep Customers Satisfied.
  • Increase Store Traffic / Develop Loyal Consumers: Unlimited refills require store visits and value chain interactions.
  • Take Control of Consumer Journey: Unexpected materials create opportunity to change ways consumers interact with store.
  • Word-Of-Mouth Marketing: Changing behavior will create meaningful conversations.
  • Ask About Private Label Opportunities: Commit to ServeCo & extend the loyalty of your brand to your product.

You Create the Experience... We Keep Them Coming Back for More.

“ServeCo worked closely with our team to ensure we were satisfied from the beginning to now where we are today with our brand direction.” KEVIN SPLIT, Senior Merchandise Manager of City Furniture

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