Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

April 30, 2021

My leather/vinyl furniture is cracking and peeling and I don’t know why. Is this covered by my Protection Plan?

Unless otherwise stated within your plan, it does not cover it as this is most likely from normal wear and tear which occurs from use over a period of time.

Does my plan cover stains/damage from wear and tear?

Unfortunately, this falls under normal wear and tear. Although it does in most cases cover damage that occurs from accidental incidents.

I have pets and I am afraid they will damage my furniture, will my Protection Plan cover damages caused by my pets?

If you have a Pet Protection Plan it will in most cases cover rips, tears, and pet bodily fluids.

Can I have my furniture professionally cleaned and still use my Protection Plan Agreement?

Yes, we recommend using Stanley Steamer and there are also approved products listed in the Protection Plan you may use on your furniture for cleaning.

Can I renew my protection plan?

Unfortunately not.

I sold my furniture or gave it to someone else; can I transfer the Protection Plan to the buyer?

Unfortunately not.

I did not receive a copy of my Protection Plan. Where can I obtain one?

We recommend checking with the store you originally purchased your furniture from.

If I move to another state or province, is my plan still valid?

Yes. Your plan will still be valid.

When can I expect to hear from a technician?

Within 24 to 48 hours.

What happens if the technician is unable to successfully resolve the covered stain/damage that I reported?

We will check if a part is needed to be ordered.