In today’s hyper-competitive market, the ability to create a top-notch customer service experience can be the difference between a one-time or lifetime customer. However most customer service programs provide experiences that are frustrating, inefficient, and produce poor results at large costs to the retailer.

Our team has spent years engrossed in the entire furniture industry. From product development to furniture care and repair years after the sale, we understand the intricacies unique to the lifecycle of furniture. We’ve learned the inefficiencies that take place from retailer customer service programs that create additional expenses to manufacturers. It’s with that understanding that we crafted the FlexServe program for post-sale service of furniture.

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FlexServe allows retailers to offboard a portion or the entire customer service experience. Choose any or all of our services -North American call centers, international technician dispatch, part ordering & management or our service software solution.

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Extended service programs are NOT one-size-fits-all! ServeCo's tiered merchandising plans maximize profit opportunities with every customer. ServeCo built its Extended Service Program to provide peace-of-mind protection at various price points. Our Good-Better-Best strategy allows customers to choose levels of protection for each purchase, and provides a point of differentiation you can merchandise at your store.

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A captive insurance company (Captive) is designed to insure the business and related risks of a small (and usually related) group of insureds. Captives can be formed either in the United States or in a foreign jurisdiction. ServeCo focuses on financial planning for your entire liability profile.

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Create Customer Loyalty In An Increasingly Complex Category. Today’s furniture shoppers are savvier than ever before when making large purchases. They understand that they have many new options for furniture and can have new furniture delivered to their home without ever leaving it. Retailers need a total customer experience to create customer loyalty and educate consumers on new, everyday reasons to visit furniture stores.

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Sleep Life™ is an authentic, aspirational and lifestyle brand that embraces those who value sleep as the essential element for the quality of their attitude, success and happiness in life. ServeCo International™ has utilized its global resources to acquire the materials and design products to support your customer's desire for a better life that originates with their Sleep Life™.

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ServeCo International, a 33-year provider of home and furniture cleaning and maintenance products, is proud to launch ServeCare. ServeCare is a line of products to sanitize skin, furniture and complete environments. At the center of our philosophy is a desire to produce alcohol-free products that: damage skin and surfaces, are flammable, are becoming more scarce and expensive, only have limited performance period and produce a low yield when calculated on a per application ratio.

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OnSite Fabricare offers a complete package to add your own onsite drapery and fabric cleaning division to your existing business. Whether you are an interior designer, a window treatment installer, a dry cleaner, upholstery/carpet cleaner or a housekeeping/janitorial service, our wet/dry cleaning system and global proprietary cleaning techniques will give you an added profit center.

Improve Consumer Confidence

Create a service after the sale program and you will give your potential new client the confidence in the purchase of custom window coverings through you. They will have piece of mind knowing that you will take care of everything from start to finish and in between.

Service After the Sale

In creating a maintenance program, you will be offering extra incentive that the competition does not. This shows your customer that you not only care about the sale, but what happens after the sale.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Creating a maintenance contract that has value keeps you in front of your customer which creates a more loyal customer. This also means that you or your representative will be in front of window coverings at the time they need to be replaced.

New Profit Center

How long will it be before you see the customer again after the purchase? A maintenance program offers you the ability to add a profit center off the same customer until it’s time to replace them with new ones. This will also help with those seasonal slow periods.

Protect your Investment

Protect your investment! Staying in front of your customers as often as possible reduces the risk that a cleaning or repair company will come in and potentially steal your customer.

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