ServeCo™ North America, a 34-year provider of home and furniture cleaning and maintenance products, is proud to launch ServeCare™, a line of products to sanitize skin, furniture and complete environments. 

At the center of our philosophy is a desire to produce an alternative to alcohol based products that: damage skin and surfaces, are flammable, are becoming more scarce and expensive, only have limited performance period and produce a low yield when calculated on a per application ratio. Our affiliate chemical partners are creating benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient in our offerings. Benzalkonium chloride is recognized by the FDA as an acceptable ingredient in health care facility sanitation and because we are the original producer of the compound, its availability and cost are unparalleled when considering comparable products. 

Our skin products are dispensed in a foam (produces the greatest yield) or in a gel (supersedes alcohol yields and is delicate on skin). Our furniture products have been designed with a pH balance and blend of nonactive ingredients to effectively sanitize and not damage their intended surface. 

Everchanging global supply chains and the scarcity of polypropylene have made the procurement of bottles challenging in todays environment. ServeCo is using is seven (7) global offices to identify and secure new dispensing options. Because of demand for core components, payment terms have been difficult to obtain, and pre-payment is mostly required. We will make every effort to extend the best possible terms to our customers, but please know that they likely will not reflect previously negotiated terms on products sold. Also, please note that bottle and dispenser scarcity may lead to limited supply on some items and price volatility. We will be updating our pricelist regularly to reflect any changes.

Thank you for considering ServeCare as a solution for your desire to create and maintain safe and comfortable environments.

All products are available in 1 gallon (1.38L), 5 gallon (18.9 L) or 275 gallon (1041 L) tote.

hand sanitizer water based foam. check with your representative for private label options
7oz foam sanitizer

Foam Sanitizer


7 oz. (207 ml)

1.75oz foam sanitizer

Foam Sanitizer


1.75 oz. (51 ml)

hand sanitzer water based gel. check with your representative for private label options. yield 26 applications per ounce.
2oz gel sanitizer

Gel Sanitizer


2 oz. (59 ml)

Gel Sanitizer


4 oz. (118 ml)

8oz gel pump

Gel Sanitizer Pump


8 oz. (236 ml)

10oz gel

Gel Sanitizer


10 oz. (296 ml)

Additionally we have mattress cleaner, fabric & carpet cleaner, leather & vinyl cleaner, wood & hard surface cleaner that are third party tested and have benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient.

ServeCare™ Introduces a Durable Application Where You Can Save Time, Money, and Headaches of Continuously Retreating Your Surroundings.

text that says disinfect and protect your surroundings with servecare
epa certified logo

ServeCare™ will apply an EPA Registered Disinfectant and an EPA Registered Solution to protect the surface of floors, walls, textiles and plastics for 90 days thereafter!

It Disinfects & Binds to Surfaces

Show Your Customers That You Care About Their Comfort!

Prepare Your Environment for the Next Generation of Resident and Visitor Expectation

#1 Disinfectant

Zep DZ-7 (EPA Reg. No 1839-168-1270) ) is effective against the Human Coronavirus. 

Per the guidance provided by EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2, this product should be used following the label directions applicable to Human Coronavirus and with a 10 minute contact when using against SARS-CoV-2.

#2 Protectant

BI-OME® (EPA Reg. No 85348-2) is non-harmful crosslinking technology that binds to all surfaces in an environment for at least 90 days. The active ingredient is bound to the substrate, attracts the microorganism and then mechanically punctures the cell wall.

How BI-OME® Works 

graphic showing microorganisms attracted and then punctured

1. First, the microorganisms are attracted by the surface coating.

2. Once in contact with the coating, the cell membrane is punctured.

3. This deactivates the microorganism, preventing growth and proliferation.

You can pay by the furniture piece or pay by a single treatment of the entire environment.

Pricing will be by the square foot:

  • 1 Treatment
  • 1 Year (4 applications)
  • 2 Years (8 applications)
“With the challenges of trying to reopen our stores in the midst of this pandemic, we had to take extraordinary measures to protect our employees and customers. That is where ServeCo stepped in. They helped us figure out just what products we needed, the right way to apply it and stayed in touch with us every step of the way. I am so thankful of the support we have received and will continue to lean on ServeCo to help us keep the stores clean and safe for our family of employees and our many loyal customers.”
- Bob Pepe, Operations Manager of Bernie & Phyl's Furniture

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