In today’s hyper-competitive market, the ability to differentiate through positive post-sale experiences is crucial long-term success. How your company handles stains, tears, and structural damage can be the difference between a one-time and lifetime customer.

ServeCo is a company focused on furniture, not claims.

We have spent years engrossed in the entire furniture industry. From product development to furniture care and repair years after the sale, we understand the intricacies unique to the lifecycle of furniture. It’s with that understanding that we crafted the ServeCo Extended Service Program for post-sale service of furniture.

Our Program is built with two things in mind:

The result is a better understanding of your customer experience and control over the process.

Extended Service Programs are NOT One-Size-Fits-All

ServeCo’s tiered merchandising plans maximizes profit opportunities with every customer.

Reasons for purchase vary by customer.  Quality, look, feel, affordability, usage and more can play into a customer’s decision-making process on every transaction. Yet when it comes to Extended Service, many retailers have one option for every customer and every piece of furniture. This strategy results in thousands of missed opportunities for added profit each year.

ServeCo built its Extended Service Program to provide peace-of-mind protection at various price points. Our Good-Better-Best strategy allows customers to choose levels of protection for each purchase, and provides a point of differentiation you can merchandise at your store.


20 – 35% Revenue Increase First 60 Days!*

*Based on past retailer revenue reporting. ServeCo does not guarantee these results.

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