In today’s hyper-competitive market with increasingly complex furniture, the ability to create a top-notch customer service experience can be the difference between a one-time or lifetime customer. However, retailer customer service programs are inefficient, inconsistent, and provide experiences that are frustrating and produce poor results. Unfortunately, customers don’t understand or even care who is responsible for the poor experience. To them it’s all the same. A poor experience from the retailer creates a negative impression for your product

That's Where ServeCo Comes In

Our team has a heritage of 34 years engrossed in the entire furniture industry. From product development to furniture care and repair years after the sale, we understand the intricacies unique to the lifecycle of furniture. We’ve learned the inefficiencies that take place from retailer customer service programs that create additional expenses to manufacturers. It’s with that understanding that we crafted the FlexServe program for post-sale service of furniture.

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FlexServe™ allows manufacturers to provide a premier service experience to customers and a unique selling proposition to retailers.

Choose any or all of our services:

  • 4 North American call centers
  • International technician dispatch
  • Part ordering & management
  • Review of vendor chargebacks
  • Service software


Customer Care Quality

  • Best-in-class technicians are available to create a consistent and positive in-home experience for all customers
  • Knowledge of every aspect of the home furnishing industry
  • Global reach to diagnose and solve challenges
  • Focus on first time completion success

Eliminate Retailer Inefficiency

  • FlexServe™ eliminates challenges
  • Focus on repair, not replace furniture
  • Less vendor chargebacks
  • Staffing & training challenges

Improve Retailer Relationships

  • Create differentiation by eliminating customer service challenges
  • Be an easier company to do business with
  • Better product placement
  • Better product emphasis
  • Reduce sales representative distractions

Intelligence & Optimization

  • ServeCo Software™ provides new data to manufacturers in a consistent format
  • Product performance/issues
  • Component challenges
  • Manufacturer costs
  • ServeCo manages software implementation
  • Parts order management system

Inefficient servicing adds considerable costs & reduces the value of your brand

Choosing FlexServe™

To care for your customers after the transaction provides high-quality service that matches your high-quality products.

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"ServeCo assisted us with service for a key customer by quickly setting up processes and spending the time to become product experts."
Tony Cantrell, President of National Retail Division at Kuka Home North America

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