Press Release

ServeCo™ North America Sets Standard with Customer Approval Rating

September 13, 2021

ServeCo North America announced today that its call center Customer Approval Rating for the month of August stood at ninety-seven percent (97%). This demonstrates the company's dedication to delivering exceptional customer outcomes and a world-class experience.

“At ServeCo, customer success is at the center of everything that we do,” said Chris Schall, President at ServeCo North America. “Listening to the customer, quantifying their feedback statistically and developing strategies to enhance their experience is paramount to our strategic vision.”

For the 30-day period ending on August 31, 2021, ServeCo North America customers were asked the hypothetical likelihood that they would hire their ServeCo Customer Service Representative for their own company after their interaction with the agent. Ninety-Seven percent (97%) of respondents replied that they likely would hire the agent with eighty-eight percent (88%) affirming that they very likely would offer employment.

Customer Satisfaction Rating is in broad use in businesses of all sizes — from key Fortune 1000 companies like Delta, Allianz, Intuit, American Express, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Rackspace to smaller independent businesses. ServeCo will be updating its data for public consumption weekly on

*ServeCo customers were surveyed the likelihood that they would hire their ServeCo CSR if they owned a customer service company. Results based on data from last 30 days. 'Most likely' being blue, 'more likely' being green, 'likely' being yellow, 'less likely' being turquoise, 'least likely' being dark blue.

For over 34 years, ServeCo has operated two United States based call centers in Georgia and Kentucky. “Best-in-Class support is our goal and in order to achieve it we have to go about things differently and rely less on technical experience. For the past year ServeCo has focused its training and coaching curriculum on conversational customer service strategies, with results that a revalidating the approach,” added Schall.

ServeCo North America, Inc. was formed in 2015 to integrate multiple companies that support furniture and mattress retailers as a single source provider of extended service contract programs, on-site cleaning and repair service, traffic generating product loyalty programs and private labeled sleep essentials.