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Everyone loves the look of stainless steel, but keeping it looking clean can be a big problem!

With their sleek, contemporary look, stainless steel appliances are among the preferred appliances by consumers. Stainless Steel is known for its ability to be a clean surface that resists corrosion and rust. The intended effect is one of clean, smooth, reflective surfaces, but the fingerprints that stainless steel inevitably accumulates can mar their appearance.
There was no way to completely fingerprint-proof stainless steel appliances until now….

OnSite Metalcares innovative technology applies a permanent layer of protection between appliances and the family's fingertips. OnSite Metalcare is now offering you the opportunity to apply this application to consumer’s appliances and commercial applications that will diminish fingerprints and make it easy to maintain. The hard acrylic polymer protector will create a smooth barrier that reduces and eliminates fingerprints, smudging, soil accumulation and makes it a snap to clean.

Product Benefits

OnSite Metalcare provides a protection with an exclusive technology using ultra hard micro polymers to keep your customer's appliances looking brand new.

Reduce & Eliminate Fingerprints

Due to stainless steel having a grain, soils of all types can be trapped in it. The polymer coating creates a barrier that does not allow for these soils to be attracted to the surfaces, which reduce & eliminate fingerprint issues.

Reduce Germs

From ill family members to raw food, germs and bacteria may be attracted to stainless surfaces. The polymer coating will repel these contaminants keeping the household much healthier.

Make Cleaning Easier

The polymer coating does not allow the soils, oils, germs and bacteria from bonding to the surface, so cleaning is as easy as wiping with dry or damp microfiber cloth.

Eliminate the Need For Daily Maintenance

Until now, the only way to keep your appliances clean was to use expensive stainless steel cleaners on a daily basis. With OnSite Metalcare Protector, it only needs to be wiped down once or twice a week

Keep Your Stainless Looking Pristine

With the OnSite Metalcare Protector, appliances and stainless steel always looks Pristine in the event of unexpected company!


Let us know if you'd like to know more information about carrying our products or becoming a certified applicator.



OnSite Metalcare Institute offers classes in our Woodstock, Georgia training facility to become a Certified Metalcare applicator. Attendees are provided Classroom and personal hands-on training and will learn the latest techniques for cleaning and applying coatings to all types of appliances and stainless steel.

2017 Class Schedule

  • August 15th
  • September 12th
  • October 6th
  • November 7th
  • December 8th
Contact us if you're interested in attending