Press Release

ServeCo™ Introduces Buguard™ Powered by Insect Xtreme®

June 10, 2021

Cartersville, GA – ServeCo™ North America has partnered with Anovotek®, LLC to introduce Buguard™ Powered by Insect Xtreme® to the outdoor furniture marketplace. With three unique seasonal formulas for Spring, Summer and Fall, the product is a ready to use mixture of plant-derived essential oils that have insect repellent properties. The blend of essential oils provides a complex mixture that repels numerous nuisance insects that include mosquitoes, gnats, flies, ticks, and many other irritants.

Before the advent of synthetic chemicals, plant extracts and dried plants ground into powders were used to repel insects. Buguard™ Powered by InsectXtreme® harnesses the natural power of plant essential oils in a consumer-friendly liquid delivery system. Applied directly to outdoor furniture surfaces the proprietary long-lasting Touch Active™ technology holds the essential oils in micro-containers and releases the repellent as the furniture is used. Consumers can enjoy outdoor furniture and living spaces with a reduced need to apply chemicals to their skin and the flexibility to apply the product as needed.

“We wanted to capitalize on the movement to outdoor living spaces while providing a resource to minimize the greatest annoyance that hinders the experience,” said Tony Milano, CEO of ServeCo™ North America. “We envision this product as being an integral addition to any outdoor furniture purchase and a seasonal traffic regenerator for the retailer.”

Designed to be supplied through outdoor furnishings retailers, samples of Buguard™ Powered by InsectXtreme® are immediately available for receipt.

ServeCo™ North America was formed in 2015 to integrate multiple companies that support furniture and mattress retailers as a single-source provider of extended service contract programs, on-site cleaning and repair service, traffic-generating product loyalty programs, and private labeled sleep essentials.

Since 2003, Anovotek®, LLC has been a global leader in the development and production of innovative consumer and public health products. Our team of professionals bring business fundamentals, industry knowledge, global supply connections and a deep understanding of materials science together.