Assembly Cell Team Leader

June 21, 2021

Position Summary

This is an “In-Assembly Cell” working position.  The position Leads day to day Production for 2 Assembly Cells with up to 10-15 cell employees. The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience running a Lean Manufacturing Assemble Cell. The Successful candidate will also have basic Cellular Manufacturing understanding of: Cell Set-up; running a Cell at Demand Rate(Takt Time); selecting a Cell Pacesetter employee; 5S Workplace Organization; Point of Use Storage (POUS), and Visual Controls.


Primary Responsibilities

Assembly Cells Activities


·  Daily 2–Cell configurations set-up to meet the product specific demand run rates.

·  Work/ Monitor that each Cell staff member is effectively working together to produce a quality properly assembled finished good kit and Master Carton.

·  Monitor Pack Table assembled Kit Product Quality – Remove/Rework out of Specification Kits.

·  Lead day to day Assembly Cells to produce kits at the established Takt Time (Run Rate Schedule of Delivery).

·  Work with each Cell Staff monitoring and adjusting Cell positions as required

·  Complete Work Orders Travelers for all Kits Assembled and forward to shipping.

·  Report Raw Materials or Bottling line Issues immediately your Supervisor.

·  Lead/complete Assembly Cell Product Changeovers

·  Work with Materials Handlers on Assembly Cells Raw Materials set-up for “Next-Day” Production

·  If needed, Request/Secure temporary help to meet next-day production requirements.


5S Workplace Organization Activities


Lead/Conduct/Delegate end of shift 5S Work Place Organization/Standardization area cleaning tasks to assembly Cell team members & assure daily completion of all cleaning.


·  Remove and empty all trash to dumpster.

·  Move unidentified objects to Red Tag Area for Review by Production Supervisor.  

·  Completely sweep entire Assembly Cell floor area including any spill clean-up.

·  Daily & Weekly 5S Assembly Cell Clean schedule.

·  Straighten/replenish all Assembly Cell Point of Use Storage (POUS) raw materials (Cloths, sponges, Brushes, Ink Lifters).

Work Experience


·  Assembly Cell Team Leader experience.

·  Strong Ability to effectively run 2 Cells at Pace Setter/Takt Time Run Rate.


Must have proficient verbal and written communication skills. 
Must be able to work well with employees on all levels. 
Must be computer literate i.e. MS Word, Excel, Outlook etc. 


Minimum Required
High School Diploma / GED 
Full Proficiency English; Some Spanish desired.  

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